Hey all,

I recently managed to complete my SpellWeaver with a little inspiration from Tom over at Tom’s Boring Mordheim Blog – I borrowed the Autumn/Winter colour and basing technique as his models look absolutely brilliant. I tried to blend the model when I painted him rather than my usual technique of extreme highlights but it took a whole lot of getting used to – especially keeping the paint from drying while I added consecutive layers. I decided to sculpt a cloth covering his eyes, as to me that always seems like a good way to give a model with Magical capabilities a bit more mystery, and made it out of a bit of green-stuff which I carefully shaped to fit properly. The leaves are from www.barrule.com and the snow is from the Gale force 9 collection. This has to be my favourite snow effect by far as each individual piece looks authentic, even under a microscope, and they just flake in to place so naturally that you can shape their position as the glue is drying. I used PVA glue for the basing on this model as I wanted to glue each leaf individually and super-glue just doesn’t give you the time to do it.

Any comments are welcome, and thanks for stopping by!


~ by 73rd on April 1, 2009.

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